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Survival Jobs For Artists

I also decided to look for jobs on Facebook. I’m willing to try anything at this point. Well… maybe not anything.

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MF Doom: My hero, the villain

“Most people never really understood the point of the mask. It wasn’t part of his image. It was his attempt at cultivating an anti-image, of staying behind his music rather than in front of it wearing chains and dancing with models. “

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5 ways to Support Your Artist Friends (Without Spending Money)

“A better way of showing support is through creating dialogue and the best way to do that seems to be through creating controversy. “

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Malcom X: An explanation on race relations between white and black America

Read this because it’s informative, eye opening, life changing. Even though he may have dictated this in the sixties, and some changes have occurred, some things have yet to change.



The vast majority of what we see and hear is predictable in the sense that it won’t offend us, or challenge our views in any sort of way. A new rule has emerged where everything the media we consume must never disturb us in any slight way. And, in the rare event that a person in the media commits the grave sin of challenging the status quo, alas, they are ‘cancelled’