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‘Destiny’ Video Review

Binge Ninja & The First Seed Have just released their new music video ‘Destiny’, an industrial tour de force in both sound, texture, and imagery.  The erratic, compressed screaming overtop relentless Ministry style drum machines cut in and out with brief moments of repose, followed by ensuing rapture. Burrows’ lyricism is both subversive, humorous, and…

‘Sex Glands’ EP Review

Raw, frantic, and borderline satanic, Toronto’s own Sex Glands featuring Jared Mitchell, Molly Rapp and Marko Visnjic, are a resurrection of 90s Steve Albini era noise rock with 80s Texan punk psychedelia. Their self titled debut EP traverses the lines of furious rhythmic assaults, and abrupt, guttural shouts, with spacious melodies and skillfully crafted guitar…

Survival Jobs For Artists

I also decided to look for jobs on Facebook. I’m willing to try anything at this point. Well… maybe not anything.

Godzilla Vs. Kong

Where do I start? Oh the effects were awesome, I think at this point that’s a given; computer-generated images are older than the last half dozen girls I’ve slept with so yes, Kong & Godzilla looked good.


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